911 Heating and Air Conditioning


Why should you have a maintenance agreement for your Heating and Air Conditioning system?  The two biggest investments we make in our lives are our cars and homes and we would be lost without either of them.  We know our cars need to have the oil changed every 3,000 miles and the tires rotated or we will break down and be stuck with no transportation.

Well the equipment in our homes is no different, the heating and air conditioning unit needs to be cleaned, tuned-up, checked for leaks, signs of defects and wear each year to run at peak performance.

When you become a member of the 911 HOME MAINTENANCE AND PROTECTION CLUB your heating and air conditioning system will be inspected twice a year to ensure your system is running at peak performance, saving you money on your electric bill and extending the life of your system.

So the yearly investment is $99.00. Contact us today to sign up for your maintenance agreement, $99.00, per year, per system.

Now add all this to a diagnostic/service fee, $85.00 and a 15% discount on all repairs and you can see where you can’t lose.  WAIT…I forgot to say that there are no overtime charges, no weekend or late night charges and because we use up front pricing, you will know the cost of the repair before it is done.

Lastly, as a club member you go to the head of the line when making an appointment for the needed repairs or the installation of equipment.